Friday, February 28, 2020

The Dish Famous Pizza (Double Pepperoni)

It is very rare that I come across a frozen pizza of which I have never before even heard. So you can imagine my surprise to be shopping in a neighboring state and discovering not only a new (to me) frozen pizza, but a deep dish one at that.

Apparently "The Dish Famous Pizza" is a restaurant and bar that opened in 1997 and began selling frozen pizzas at some point since. They are mostly sold in the Midwest, with a few scattering of markets in the Intermountain West.

I'm about to tell you something about myself that might be considered dorky, but whatever: I usually bring an ice chest with me when on a road trip. You know, in case I see things I want to bring home with me that require refrigeration.

The pizza looked attractive when I removed it from the box. A piece of crust broke off, though I believe that was my fault for dropping the box in transit.

I have never seen a frozen pizza that instructs you to first microwave it before cooking in the oven. Oh well. I don't mind.

This is what it looked like out of the microwave. It felt soggy in my hands, though perhaps that is a good sign that it had been defrosted in the middle.

After 15 minutes, I removed it from the oven and let it sit for a couple of minutes. I had high hopes: it smelled fantastic, like a pizza fresh out of the oven in a great pizzeria.

It was almost two inches high, as well. 

(I photographed it next to a Coke can so you can get a sense of its height. But I did not drink the Coke, as I do not much care for soda with pizza. Most of the time I just drink water, though beer, wine, and iced tea are all preferable to soda.)

The sauce was delicious, one of the best pizza sauces I have ever tasted. 

Unfortunately, that was the only great thing about the pizza. 

The "Double Pepperoni" were just a few scattered, flavorless slices. I would hate to see what their version of a "single pepperoni" looks like. 

But the worst offender was the crust. It tasted of stale french bread, and there was way too much of it. The reason for the pizza's height has nothing to do with a generous amount of toppings. In fact, there was very little in the way of cheese or pepperoni. 

The pizza is tall because it has a thick crust. That is not deep dish. 

If the bread had been good, I could have forgiven this. But it wasn't.

Instead of buying this, you would be better off getting a fresh piece of French bread and making your own version. It is guaranteed to be better than this. The delicious pizza sauce is the only thing that keeps this from being a one-slice rating. 


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