Friday, March 20, 2020

Great Value Beer Cheese Sauce & Sausage Pizza

Beer cheese and sausage is a wonderful winter meal - though I must confess I do not eat them nearly as much as I did in my youth - but what really grabbed my attention was the promised "pretzel crust." I do not believe I have ever eaten one of those before.

It looks somewhat bland and monotone, though there was much more sausage - of two different shapes - than I ever expected.

This is one of those things were the idea is much better than the execution. There are two main problems:

First, while the cheese does indeed taste like beer cheese - rich and thick - it becomes overwhelming with each bite. When you dip a piece of sausage, or perhaps vegetable or pretzel, into beer cheese, you can let the excess cheese drip off. When it's piled on top of a slice of pizza, there is nothing you can do but eat it.

The cheese on this pizza is all you can taste. It even overpowers the flavor of the sausage.

The second problem is the crust. It tastes nothing of pretzel. When I realized I could not eat even half of this pizza, I broke off several pieces of crust and ate them alone, to see if separating them from the cheese sauce would isolate the pretzel flavor. Nope.

If you were to split this amongst several people, where everyone eats only once slice, I suppose it would be enjoyable. If you are drunk and want to eat the greasiest, most alcohol-absorbing pizza you can imagine, this is a good go-to.

But I seriously doubt I will be getting one ever again.


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