Friday, March 13, 2020

Tombstone Pizza (Pepperoni)

The first time I heard of Tombstone pizza was - like, I suspect, most people who were kids in the early 90s - from the silly Television commercials. ("What do you want on your Tombstone?")

The grocery store at which my parents shopped in their hometown was a typical small neighborhood market. In other words: friendly, but overpriced with a small selection of products. They did not carry any pizzas other than the Stouffer's french bread variety.

But one day, on a shopping excursion with my grandmother at the much larger Pavilions by her house, I encountered Tombstone. She bought me one and I cooked it shortly thereafter.

I loved it. I mean, I freaking loved it.

Now, keep in mind, I was only about 12, maybe 13 years old. My beloved Chicago Bros. deep dish pizza had been gone for years and all I would eat in those days were Mama Celeste frozen pizzas. Tombstone was a whole new world.

These days, I get a nostalgic craving for one every couple of years. Inevitably I am disappointed; I remember how much I liked them almost 30 years ago and I keep forgetting that I don't love them as much now.

It looks pretty standard. Maybe a few more pepperoni than you usually find.

As a result, it's also greasier than you usually find.

And, for some reason, one or two sides of the pizza always curl up.

I like the sauce just as much as I liked it back in the day. But I really dislike the crust now: it's dense, flavorless, and interferes with the taste of everything else. The pepperoni are fine - salty and flavorful - but too thin to be considered "good."

With a slightly better crust, I would still love this pizza. But my tastes have changed too much.


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