Friday, March 6, 2020

Urban Pie Pizza Co. BBQ Recipe Chicken Sausage


That's what the website of Urban Pie Pizza Co proclaims, and, as a grown-ass man who blogs about frozen pizza, I can certainly appreciate that.

Do not eat the pizza while it's frozen. Got that?

It looks pretty good while still frozen... or, at least as good as any pizza can look under such circumstances. What really stood out were the red onions. They looked like freshly-chopped red onion, not the tiny, white dices of red onion that one usually finds on a frozen pizza.

I liked the crust. I had never before heard of a crust made with sweet potato, and it tasted more like bread than most frozen pizzas crusts. There was indeed an inherent sweetness to this crust (though by no means could I taste sweet potato).

I'm not saying anything controversial when I state that most frozen pizzas utilize a flavorless crust, and it was a nice surprise to find that this crust actually tasted good.

And the sauce was a pleasant - if muted - barbecue sauce.

The problem was one that often occurs with frozen pizzas that utilize toppings more exotic than generic pepperoni: none of them stand out. The frozen-and-reheated toppings tasted like a mush of vaguely familiar flavors. The red onion sort of tasted like onion... but also like a carrot. The sausage offered texture but little in the way of flavor.

It's almost as if this would have been better with no toppings, just the crust and sauce. That's not something you want in a $9 frozen pizza.

I am not opposed to trying another pizza from Urban Pie, but I'm not in any hurry.


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