Friday, May 15, 2020

Kroger Hot Honey Pepperoni Pizza with Chili Flakes

Kroger makes those "Private Selection" pizzas, including the Cuban one I wrote about recently, and they also have a line of pizzas bearing only the Kroger label. (They is a pepperoni one that I will write about one of these days.)

The "hot honey pepperoni pizza with chili flakes" sounded promising, and not just because they use lowercase letters.

 There was a noticeable amount of chili flakes scattered across the pizza. I had high hopes.

First, the good: the crust was better than average (for frozen pizza, of course) and the pepperoni was higher quality than I was expecting.

But, unfortunately, the whole thing was bland. There was no spice to it whatsoever. I honestly have no idea if freezing chili flakes robs them of their spice (though I doubt it). But there was none.

This could have been a surprisingly great pizza. But it was not. It was not bad, just... pointless.


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