Friday, June 5, 2020

Red Baron Thin & Crispy Bacon Lovers Pizza

I avoided Red Baron frozen pizzas for most of my adult life, my only experience with them being the small, "deep dish" variety I ate repeatedly when I was a kid because I did not know any better. And then, maybe three years ago, I spotted one of their "Bacon Lovers Pizza" at the market and figured Why not?

"Three cuts of bacon," the box proclaims, though, as you can see, they're not exactly generous with the toppings. Six tiny slices of Canadian bacon? Please.

With that lead-up, you're probably expecting me to say something critical, right?

Guess what?

I fucking love this pizza.

Although it doesn't appear to be a lot of bacon, there is still plenty of bacon and ham flavor. (Because, let's be honest, Canadian bacon is just ham.) I love the sauce, and I particularly love the crispy, thin crust.

When I was a teenager, in addition to a lot of frozen pizza, I also ate a lot of Domino's. What can I say? It was cheap and nearby.

My favorite of their pizzas was a thin crust with bacon - though it was basically bacon bits. I loved it. This pizza reminds me of that Domino's pizza a great deal and, unlike most chain pizza that I ate in my youth, that is actually a good thing.

I will continue to eat this pizza until they stop making it.


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