Friday, July 31, 2020

Outsiders Pizza Company Chicago Style Pizza (Pepperoni)

I recently noticed Outsiders Pizza Company - whose Detroit-style pizza I enjoyed, though I was dismayed at how unhealthy it was - is now selling a Chicago-style deep dish pizza. 

The two best frozen pizzas I have ever had, the only two that would have garnered five-star ratings if I had such a blog back then, were both Chicago-style. I love a good deep dish pizza. 

Unfortunately, most frozen deep dish pizzas suck. Most of them are just "thick crust," which is different from true deep dish. 

But still, it was worth a try. 

There is a good amount of sauce, as there should be. 

As with Outsider's Detroit-style pizza, the calorie and fat content of this pizza is absurd. I know pizza is bad for you - it's tons of gluten and cheese, there is really no way to make that healthy - but damn, this pizza is unhealthy. 

 It took more than 25 minutes in the oven: a long time for regular frozen pizza, but not for deep dish. (When I make deep dish pizzas with fresh dough, I cook them for 35-40 minutes.)

Good news part 1: It was actually a reasonable facsimile of deep dish pizza, not merely thick crust. There was much more of the toppings than the crust.

Good news part 2: It was very tasty. The cheese and pepperoni, in particular, were wonderfully rich and salty in the best way.

Good news part 3: It was extremely filling. I only ate a little over half. So it wasn't as unhealthy as eating the whole pie.

The only knock? The sauce was much too sweet.  Unpleasantly so. With a great sauce, this could have legitimately been a five-star rating.

Look, there is no way a frozen pizza can ever replicate the glory of a homemade deep dish, or, if you're lucky enough to have one nearby, a pizzeria that specializes in deep dish. If you're from Chicago, this might not rank in the top 500 pizzas you have ever tried.

But for a frozen deep dish pizza, Outsiders has done an outstanding job.


Friday, July 17, 2020

Amy's Roasted Vegetable No Cheese Pizza

A cheeseless pizza

That don't make no sense!

I'm gonna share something personal with you: My dad has been dealing with cancer issues for the last couple of years. I won't go into too many details but will say this: Although what he is dealing with would normally be considered no big deal in a man his age, it is the exact same thing that killed his father, developing in the exact same way.

One of the things that was recommended to him a few months ago was a diet consisting of zero red meat and zero dairy. (So far, it appears to be making a positive difference.)

So I bought him this pizza one day to give a try.

I'm not going to rank it like I normally would. That simply wouldn't be fair. You can take a look at the photos for yourself and decide if you think it's something that looks good.

As for my dad? His words: "I don't see the point of eating a pizza without cheese. It's still a lot of calories, and it's just not pizza without cheese."

Friday, July 10, 2020

Trader Joe's Uncured Pepperoni Pizza

I'm going to admit something that I never really thought about until just now when I sat down to write this post: I really don't know much about pepperoni. 

It was my favorite pizza topping until the age of 25, but I probably couldn't pass a basic quiz. It's pork, and I think beef, but I have no idea what else. I have no idea what gives pepperoni its reddish appearance. I probably could not give you a basic explanation of the difference between pepperoni and salami. 

And I certainly have no clue why "uncured" pepperoni is a selling point. 

Of course, I don't really care as long as it tastes good.

The dough is thicker than most other Trader Joe's pizzas. 

But the thicker dough was surprisingly tasty. Instead of serving merely as a vehicle to deliver the toppings - which is how I regard pretty much all frozen pizza crust - it was a pleasure to eat. It would have been tasty dipped into oil and vinegar.

I had rolled my eyes when I read that TJ's acquired their crust from "Italian pizza suppliers," but damn, this was great crust for a frozen pizza.

The pepperoni was good. I wish I could be more descriptive in either direction, but "good" is how I feel about almost all pepperoni. (Except turkey pepperoni. Turkey pepperoni fucking sucks.)

I wish there had been a little more cheese and a lot more sauce. The main fault of this pizza is that it tasted like dough and pepperoni and nothing else. Of course, considering that I liked the taste of both, that's not a major flaw to have.

This is one of the best frozen pepperoni pizzas I have had in a long time.


Friday, July 3, 2020

DiGiorno Thin Crust Supreme

When DiGiorno first came on the scene, I - like a lot of people - was shocked out how good their frozen pizza tasted. "It's not delivery, it's GiGiorno." (If you're too young to remember those commercials - people would cook a DiGiorno pizza and everyone else in the commercial would assume it was delivery because it was so good.)

Of course, as with most frozen pizzas, I grew up and realized it was not anything special at all. 

These days, I do not remember the last time I tried an original DiGiorno pizza (before starting this blog). It had been several years. I now actively dislike them - the crust really isn't very good, and there's too much of it. 

But the thin crust has less crust, obviously, so I thought I would try one of those. There was a generous amount of peppers and onions. And a decent amount of pepperoni. There should have been more sausage. 

I was pleasantly surprised. Although sausage was the least prevalent of the toppings, it was easily the most noticeable, overpowering the others. (Fresh peppers on a pizza are phenomenal; the frozen variety does not pack nearly the same amount of flavor.)

Also, I do not remember the last time I ate a frozen pizza that was complemented so nicely by a drizzle of hot sauce. The spicy pepper blast of hot sauce really livened up all of the flavors of this pizza.

The crust was not very good, but that's the beauty of a thin crust pizza: you don't have to deal with an excess of crappy crust.

I would definitely get one of these again, and that's not something I ever again expected to say about a DiGiorno pizza.