Friday, July 3, 2020

DiGiorno Thin Crust Supreme

When DiGiorno first came on the scene, I - like a lot of people - was shocked out how good their frozen pizza tasted. "It's not delivery, it's GiGiorno." (If you're too young to remember those commercials - people would cook a DiGiorno pizza and everyone else in the commercial would assume it was delivery because it was so good.)

Of course, as with most frozen pizzas, I grew up and realized it was not anything special at all. 

These days, I do not remember the last time I tried an original DiGiorno pizza (before starting this blog). It had been several years. I now actively dislike them - the crust really isn't very good, and there's too much of it. 

But the thin crust has less crust, obviously, so I thought I would try one of those. There was a generous amount of peppers and onions. And a decent amount of pepperoni. There should have been more sausage. 

I was pleasantly surprised. Although sausage was the least prevalent of the toppings, it was easily the most noticeable, overpowering the others. (Fresh peppers on a pizza are phenomenal; the frozen variety does not pack nearly the same amount of flavor.)

Also, I do not remember the last time I ate a frozen pizza that was complemented so nicely by a drizzle of hot sauce. The spicy pepper blast of hot sauce really livened up all of the flavors of this pizza.

The crust was not very good, but that's the beauty of a thin crust pizza: you don't have to deal with an excess of crappy crust.

I would definitely get one of these again, and that's not something I ever again expected to say about a DiGiorno pizza.


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