Friday, August 21, 2020

Deep Naan Pizza (Jalapeño)

I love Indian food, though I will tell you up front: there is no Indian frozen product I have ever thought of as being anything more than "barely tolerable." (And all of those came from Trader Joe's; the rest can charitably be described as "crap.")

But I will admit I was intrigued to see a frozen pizza made with naan - Indian flatbread - as a base. 

I have a frozen pizza website, I thought to myself. I must try this. 

It was $3.29 at my local little market - which is notoriously overpriced, as it is the only market within 10 miles, and thus groceries are generally 10-20% more expensive than elsewhere.

Well, I mean... it's a naan pizza. I was disappointed in the meager toppings, but not particularly surprised, given the price. 

15 minutes later, I removed it from the oven and it appeared exactly as I expected: the cheese was melted, the jalapeños and onions looked the same.

It was as bland as could be. The naan was okay in that generic-frozen-and-reheated way that naan tastes when you cook one at home.

I do not believe there was any sauce - the packaging mentions tomato puree but I tasted nothing - and that's a shame, because it truly could have used it.

So it basically was bread with cheese on top. One of the bites containing jalapeño had a touch of spiciness, but that was all.

I realize this isn't a traditional frozen pizza, but they still call it a pizza, so that's how I am judging it.

And it was as bland a pizza as I have ever tasted. Literally. It did not taste bad. Just completely flavorless.

If you like bland food, you might enjoy this.

If you care about flavor in the slightest, you will not.


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