Friday, August 14, 2020

Mr. P's Crispy Crust Pizza (Cheeseburger)

When it comes to inexpensive, mini pizzas that you can microwave, most of my life I only thought of Celeste. 

A few years back, I discovered Kroger's take on such pizzas, which are perpetually on sale from $.75-$1, and I found that I liked even more. (Although they literally call them "microwave pizzas," I never use a microwave to cook them, as they are MUCH better in either the toaster oven or the air fryer... or... well, hang on a minute.)

I had never heard of Mr. P's, though I saw one at Albertsons the other day for $1.25 and figured I might as well give it a try. I selected the "cheeseburger" version. I have no explanation why. Just something different, I guess. 

 There was a decent amount of beef topping on this, especially considering the price.

I decided to cook this one in my outdoor Uuni pizza oven, burning at just over 900ΒΊ.

It took 30 seconds.

It looks much better than a microwaved pizza, no?

As for taste? Well... these mini pizzas all kind of taste the same. Which isn't really a bad thing, just an indistinguishable flavor of cheese and stale bread. It has little to do with pizza.

But then again, isn't that kind of the point? This isn't something of which you are proud about cooking. It's not something you serve to guests. It's just something to cook when you want something inexpensive and absurdly easy.

I can't call these good, not by any stretch.

But... I still like them. Especially when I've been drinking or I'm feeling really lazy. Or both.

THE RATING: πŸ•πŸ•πŸ•

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