Friday, October 9, 2020

Tombstone 4 Meat

I was making a homemade pizza the other day (white wine & shallot sausage with goat cheese and caramelized shallots) and decided I would pick up a frozen pizza as well. Because why not?

It occurred to me that, other than "limited edition" pizzas that Tombstone has released over the years ("Diablo," for example), I do not believe I have ever eaten one that is not pepperoni. So I decided to get the "4 Meat" version.

I won't waste your time: it wasn't good. 

Now, it wasn't exactly bad. It's just that the best part of it was the pepperoni, by far. And, due to it being four-meat, there was less of the pepperoni than you would normally find on a regular pepperoni pizza. 

The sausage, beef, and Canadian bacon were not memorable. (The beef was not even noticeable, actually.) So even if you like those things, you're bound to be disappointed. Better to try another brand. 

It will probably be years before I try another Tombstone pizza. And when I do, it will definitely be pepperoni. 


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