Friday, October 23, 2020

Trader Joe's Tarte au Brie et aux Tomatoes

Do you speak French? I do not. 

I took six years of French from grades 1-6 but none of it stayed with me. 

I never understood why we were taught French; I grew up in Southern California. 

From grades 8-11, I took four years of Spanish. I no longer live in California but I still find myself using Spanish on a weekly basis. I wish I had been taught that in grade school instead of French; 10 years of Spanish would have been more useful.  

At any rate, this is my way of explaining that I have no idea wha the name of this pizza means.

Although I suppose it does not require fluency to guess that it means "really freaking thin crust pizza with Brie and Tomatoes."

I'm not actually going to rate this pizza, though, because I don't like tomatoes. I know that might seem strange, as I love pizza, and tomato sauce... and ketchup... but something about the appearance and the texture of tomatoes, I just can't stand.

(By the way, someone else bought this pizza for me, that's why I had it in my freezer.) 

If you like Brie and tomatoes, you can probably assume that this would earn a four-slice rating, just like the Tarte D' Alsace that I really liked

I have three new frozen pizzas in the freezer that I'm going to try this weekend while watching the World Series, so I can assure you there will be new reviews (with ratings) coming up soon. 

Have a good weekend. 

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