Friday, October 30, 2020

Whole Foods Thin Crust Chicken & BBQ Sauce

I've never written about Whole Foods frozen pizzas. 

That's because I've never had a Whole Foods frozen pizza. 

I don't have any particularly strong reason, but I supposed it's because I've had their refrigerated, pre-made pizzas a few times over the years, and I did not enjoy them. 

But, last week, all Whole Foods-brand frozen pizzas were on sale for 50% off. At that price, I was happy to try one. I selected BBQ chicken, which, for some reason, they choose to call "Chicken & BBQ sauce."

I was impressed with the size of the chicken on the frozen pie. Of course, size doesn't matter, it's how you use it how it tastes, right? Who cares if the chicken is big if it's rubbery and/or flavorless? 

I will get straight to the point: It is probably the best barbecue chicken frozen pizza I have ever tried.

Let's get the negatives out of the way first: I wish there had been more cilantro. And the crust was your typical frozen-pizza crust. 

Now the good stuff. 

The barbecue sauce was sweet and delicious. Normally, I prefer a spicy barbecue sauce when eating barbecue, or burgers, of chicken tenders. (My two favorite barbecues sauces in America are both spicy: Gates and Rudy's.)

But on a frozen pizza, I don't want spicy; I want to taste everything else prominently. And while this sauce was very sweet, it still worked. 

There was plenty of cheese and it was good (thought not great). 

The red onions tasted fresh, perhaps the best red onions I have ever had on a frozen pizza. 

But the standout was the chicken. It tasted like fresh roasted chicken that had just come out of the oven. It was definitely, without any question, the best BBQ chicken I have ever had on a frozen pizza. 

I am going to get this pizza again, even if full price. The next time it goes on sale, I am going to buy multiples. 



  1. Have you ever tried the new fad diet cauliflower pizzas? Love your posts!

    1. I have not. Have you? I have it in my mind that I dislike cauliflower, but that could be the residue of childhood memories of the way my mom cooked it (and most veggies) when I was a kid: boiled, and then drowned in cheese and butter.

      So I would not be opposed to trying one. I just haven't had the motivation to do so.