Friday, November 20, 2020

Whole Foods 365 Rising Crust Pizza (Pepperoni)

As I wrote a couple of weeks ago, Whole Foods had their pizzas on sale for half-price, and I loved their BBQ chicken pizza, so I went back and bought a few more. 

The pepperoni was one of the most attractive I have ever seen out of the box. 

After cooking, it was, without question, the least attractive. They certainly are not joking when they call it "rising crust" - half of it swelled up like a cartoon character's head after being hit with an anvil. 

Ignoring the way it looked, how was the taste? 


It wasn't bad, but it was way too doughy, the flavor of which drowned out everything else. I could not even taste the pepperoni; it might as well have been a cheese pizza. 

I will not be getting this again at half-price. I sure as hell won't be getting it at full price. 

If I am offered one for free... I'd probably say no thanks. 


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