Friday, May 28, 2021

Kroger Private Selection Five Cheese & Marmalade Thin Crust Pizza

I've been circling this one for a long time. 

On one hand, I like Kroger's Private Selection. 

On the other hand... marmalade as a pizza base? I am suspicious. 

It's attractive, at least. 

The Good: The five-cheese blend - mozzarella, edam, provolone, asiago, cheddar - was delicious, a great choice for a pizza-cheese blend. 

The Bad: The sauce was too sweet. I can't really fault them; they call it marmalade, after all. But it's not anything I enjoy on pizza. When I was a kid? I probably would have loved this. As an adult, I did not. 

The Ugly: The crust was awful. It was not thin crust, not by any possible definition. It was thick, flavorless, and distracting. 

With a couple of tweaks - perhaps some jalapeΓ±o to contrast with the marmalade - this could have been a very tasty pizza. Hell, with an actual thin crust, it would not have been bad. 

But... it was bad. 


Friday, May 14, 2021

Home Run Inn Uncured Pepperoni (Classic)

My trip to Colorado a few weeks ago was a tremendous amount of fun when it came to seeing old friends, drinking Colorado beer (overall, my favorite beer in America), eating food, and admiring the Rocky Mountains.... but it sucked as far as acquiring frozen pizza. 

There were three that I was interested in purchasing and no place had them, despite claiming to on their websites. 

One such pizza I had wanted to try was Home Run Inn's "ultra-thin crust." But I couldn't find it. 

So I got one of their "classic" pizzas instead, opting for the pepperoni. 

It looks kind of weird, right? Something about the uniformity of the cheese creeps me out, but I can't quite place why. 

But, of course, I do not care at all about looks, only taste. 

This was my third Home Run Inn pizza. My first was a deep-dish variety many years ago that they no longer make. My second was the "Margherita with Sausage," which had some of the best toppings on a frozen pizza that I have ever eaten, and one of the absolute worst crusts. 

Unfortunately, this pepperoni pizza features the exact same lousy, dense, flavorless crust, but without enough delicious toppings to make it tolerable. 

That's why I had really wanted to try the ultra-thin pizza; I thought with less of that crust, it would be a much better pizza overall.

I'll keep looking for it, but I will probably never again eat one of these regular Home Run Inn pizzas. I dislike that crust too much. 


Friday, May 7, 2021

CPK Redux: A Very Special Edition of Frozen Pizza Fridays

A reader emailed me after I wrote about CPK's BBQ chicken pizza last week to ask if I had any other pictures of CPK frozen pizzas. 

I do indeed... although I do not believe they make any of these any more.  

Above is 'The Works" which was one of the worst frozen pizzas I have ever had. 

The "Sicilian." This was a decade ago and I do not remember how it was. 

The Jamaican Jerk Chicken. This was 9 years ago... but I still remember how it was. 

It was awesome. One of the best frozen pizzas of all time. 

Queso Fundido. The idea was better than the execution.

Gluten-free BBQ chicken. Very good for gluten-free frozen pizza. Merely average otherwise.