Friday, May 7, 2021

CPK Redux: A Very Special Edition of Frozen Pizza Fridays

A reader emailed me after I wrote about CPK's BBQ chicken pizza last week to ask if I had any other pictures of CPK frozen pizzas. 

I do indeed... although I do not believe they make any of these any more.  

Above is 'The Works" which was one of the worst frozen pizzas I have ever had. 

The "Sicilian." This was a decade ago and I do not remember how it was. 

The Jamaican Jerk Chicken. This was 9 years ago... but I still remember how it was. 

It was awesome. One of the best frozen pizzas of all time. 

Queso Fundido. The idea was better than the execution.

Gluten-free BBQ chicken. Very good for gluten-free frozen pizza. Merely average otherwise. 

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