Friday, May 28, 2021

Kroger Private Selection Five Cheese & Marmalade Thin Crust Pizza

I've been circling this one for a long time. 

On one hand, I like Kroger's Private Selection. 

On the other hand... marmalade as a pizza base? I am suspicious. 

It's attractive, at least. 

The Good: The five-cheese blend - mozzarella, edam, provolone, asiago, cheddar - was delicious, a great choice for a pizza-cheese blend. 

The Bad: The sauce was too sweet. I can't really fault them; they call it marmalade, after all. But it's not anything I enjoy on pizza. When I was a kid? I probably would have loved this. As an adult, I did not. 

The Ugly: The crust was awful. It was not thin crust, not by any possible definition. It was thick, flavorless, and distracting. 

With a couple of tweaks - perhaps some jalapeΓ±o to contrast with the marmalade - this could have been a very tasty pizza. Hell, with an actual thin crust, it would not have been bad. 

But... it was bad. 


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