Friday, June 11, 2021

Signature Selects Spicy Barbecue Recipe Chicken with Jalapeño Peppers


I'm always intrigued when a pizza describes itself as spicy. Usually they are not, but there are exceptions. 

Plus, this one was on sale at Market Street. I had no reason not to try it. 
I wish there had been more peppers, but at least they were attractive. 

I'll start with the good parts, because there were several.
  • The chicken was delicious. Sone of the best I have ever had on a frozen pizza. 
  • There was a decent amount of spice to the pizza. "Medium Hot" is an apt description. If you don't like spice, you will find this much too spicy to eat. But if you do like spice, you will be pleasantly surprised. 
  • The sauce had a pleasant flavor. 

But there was one negative, and it was a big one. 

The crust sucked. 

It's not surprising. Often, these "rising crust" pizzas are completely bland (as this one was) and contain so much dough that - even though it is bland - it still manages to overpower the other flavors (as this one did). 

If they used a thin crust with these exact toppings, it would be a great pizza, a four-slice rating, no doubt. 

But they didn't. 


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