Friday, July 2, 2021

Screamin' Sicilian Brazen Buffalo

I have featured two Screamin' Sicilian pizzas over the last 18 months: The Mambo Italiano, which I loved, and the Thin & Crispy Chicken Bacon Ranch, which I hated. 

Next up: the Brazen Buffalo. I have long loved buffalo chicken pizzas, though to be honest, I almost never eat them anymore. (The last one I remember having before this was 9 years ago.) 

But once upon a time, I ate them at least once per week. BJ's Brewery and Old Chicago were my two favorites and I went there all the time. (Mostly to drink beer, but also to eat.)

Screamin' Sicilian pizzas are on the expensive side, so I was disappointed to see how little toppings there were on this. 

But, as long as it was tasty, I could forgive that. 

This is one of those occasions where I didn't like the pizza but I share the blame. 

It was too spicy.

Now, I like spicy foods. I pile jalapeΓ±os on tacos. I dunk egg rolls into Chinese hot mustard so spicy that it brings tears to my eyes. I love a beer from Colorado that includes chili peppers in it. 

But with pizza... I guess I don't like spicy. Not anymore. 

I added some pickled celery (something I just recently discovered that I love) to make it taste like a buffalo wing with celery. 

This was enjoyable. 

But still too damn spicy. 


(But, if you like spicy pizza, you may well love this.)

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